Who Are Neighbors For A Better Roaming Shores?

(Also Known As The Water Quality Advocacy Group)

Who Are We?

We are a group of over 160 Association members, and our numbers are growing. We intend to do what is necessary to restore the quality of our lake’s water, and return it to the clear, attractive, and safe condition it was in decades past.

What is Our Vision?

Lake Roaming Rock is the focal point of our community. It’s why we are here. It is our primary asset and must be protected and improved to the benefit of ALL our members.

We Remember the Past:

Some in our community recall what our lake once was. Clean, clear, safe for swimming, boating, skiing, and tubing. Nobody gave a second thought to taking their boat into the coves or to the south end of the lake. Nobody was concerned that if a skier had a hard fall and gulped some water, it could endanger their health. Nobody thought about whether it was safe to have your children, grandchildren, friends, or dog swim in our lake.

We Are Concerned About Real Estate Values:

Those of us with a home or property on the lake have seen the water quality at our waterfront deteriorate. We are concerned about what will happen to our property values if the lake becomes a swamp and word gets out that our lake water isn’t safe to be in. Those with a home or property off lake are concerned about what will happen to those property values if lakefront properties experience a huge drop in their values.

We Know That a Viable Solution Is Available:

The solution to our water quality problem is hydraulic dredging. Remove 47 years of accumulated sediment that contains the nutrients that continue to feed our algae and weed problems.

Water Quality Improvement.

We know that what the Board is currently spending our money on will ABSOLUTELY NOT improve the current water quality. The Board’s own “expert” has told them that.

What’s Next?

We have engaged technical experts and attorneys.

Contact Us:

Add your names to the over 160 Association members who have already joined the Water Quality Advocacy Group. Write or e mail Barry O’Connell at bgoconnell@Windstream.net., or drop a note in the mail and send to him at 1971 Calibria Lane, Roaming Shores, OH 44084. If you want to donate, make your check out to “Neighbors for a Better Roaming Shores”. We are currently working on
achieving non-profit status so your contributions will be deductible.